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When working with interior design of an office or commercial space, it is important to remember that we are dealing with the work environment of individuals. If you are the owner of a company, then this can be especially important. If you want to attract the best prospects for employment, if you are in a competitive field, if you want to avoid the turmoils of high turnover, and if you want your employees to be as productive as possible, then it is important to invest the required resources into proper interior design of your office space. In this article, we will discuss key elements when it comes to designing an office or commercial space. 

A Homely Atmosphere

Commercial Interior Designers Naperville

Although it might sound counterproductive, some aspects of an office space should emulate a home. This is achieved by incorporating lush, comfy furniture, game rooms, and other casual furniture. This gives employees spaces to take a break from work. The idea is to reduce stress in the work environment. 

Many cutting edge companies have an “all-inclusive” approach to the interior designs of their offices. They provide non work-related amenities for their employees. This includes gyms, showers, reading rooms, and other recreational areas. Rather than having to leave the office for leisure, workers stay in the office for daily activities and entertainment. This can be beneficial since it keeps employees at the office for longer periods of time. It’s a lot easier for employees to work on a project when they’re already at the office. The following is a list of elements an interior designer can incorporate if they want to create a homely atmosphere at the office.

  • Coffee tables, dining tables, sofas, and chairs that represent furniture at home.
  • Media and rec rooms that serve as break rooms.
  • Open bars.
  • Gyms and showers.
  • Furnished rooftops or balconies.

Areas That Focus on Certain Activities

When an employee is going through his or her workflow, they might have different workplace needs depending on the task at hand. An area should be designed based on the designated activities which take place in that area. This way, employees have optimal conditions to work in for a wide variety of tasks. The following are different types of areas that should be considered when designing the work space.

  • Quiet/Focus Areas: Sometimes, one needs an area without noise or distraction to complete a task. Perhaps one needs a good environment to have a phone or video chat conversation. This can be achieved by incorporating small, sound-proof rooms or booths in the office. Whenever an employee needs to take a private call or needs to crack down on some tedious work, they should readily have access to these areas. 
  • Meeting Rooms: Depending on the nature of your business, you might need a large open meeting area or you might need an enclosed space. Regardless, there need to be elements that address your employees’ needs when it comes to meetings. A proper interior designer will take business meetings into account when creating a proper office space. Meeting areas can be designed for small and large groups. These areas should be conducive to collaboration. These areas can include projectors or large white boards so that team members can freely communicate. 
Commercial Interior Designers Naperville

Open Office Space: This is the traditional office space most people envision when they hear the word office. Picture a room full of cubicles. Now tear down the walls. That is the modern office. This is where workers will most likely spend the bulk of their time. Their daily items will most likely be stored here. Normally, these areas incorporate long work benches, storage shelves, phones, and accessories. These areas lack privacy but they create a productive environment. 

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Elements From Nature

Interior Designer Naperville

Many companies are trying to give their employees a connection to nature. This has shown to increase productivity. Our ancestors worked out in nature for the majority of human history. Therefore, connecting employees to nature can be very beneficial. A top tier interior designer will incorporate the following elements into the office.

  • Plants: many plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and purify toxic components in the air. This increases the air quality of your office space. This is conducive to keeping your employees healthy and productive. 
  • Scenery: If the office is located in an area with close proximity to beautiful landscapes, a large window can provide employees with views of nature. If not, an indoor garden can get the job done. This can also provide ample natural light.
  • Nature-based Materials: Your interior designer should try to incorporate wood and stone as much as possible.

With so many people living in concrete jungles, it is important to bring nature back to the workplace. Research has continually shown that happy employees make productive employees. Keeping employees isolated in one place in order to reduce distractions does not work. 

These are just a few elements to touch on when designing an office space. If you are looking for commercial interior designers in the Naperville, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Woodridge, Lisle, Wheaton, Warrenville, Downer’s Grove, or Greater Chicago area, do not hesitate to contact us here! We are here to serve all your interior design needs.